Aus-Steel Products are built stronger to last longer! We manufacture high quality Australian sheds, steel carports, steel garages, kit shed homes, industrial sheds, barns, speciality building sheds

Aus-steel Products

Proudly Aussie Owned...Using Aussie
products only!

Aus-Steel Building Systems is a fully Australian owned and operated steel kit building company with over 30 years industry experience.

We specialise in the supply and design of pre-fabricated steel buildings including carports, garages, barns and speciality building sheds as well as kit shed homes, industrial & commercial sheds. Whether it's a workshop, a garden shed, tool shed, farm building, horse shed, or agricultural shed wide sheds; we provide
large sheds, big sheds custom built sheds; kit sheds, portable sheds and industrial sheds.

Our flexible designs give you an extensive choice of products to meet your individual needs.

Aus-Steel buildings are "Built Stronger to Last Longer"

Nothing but the best will do for Aus-Steel's clients - we only use premium
quality Australian made steel, proudly supplied by our national suppliers Bluescope Lysaght,
Fielders, B&D Doors, One Steel, G James Glass.

Aus-Steel services Australia wide through a carefully chosen local network  of  accredited
resellers. They assist you to select most suitable building ensuring another satisfied Aus-Steel owner.

The Aus-Steel Choice

Most suppliers of Carports, Garages and Sheds have gone for the easy option of exclusively
offering a limited range of fixed design products. Aus-Steel, for over 8 years now have been
offering one of the largest ranges of purlin frame sheds with over 2000 standard configurations,
and, an extensive range of stud frame garages and we also offer a range of fabricated
commercial products
made to order. Aus-Steel have specialised in maintaining flexibility and the
ability to custom make to most customer's requirements.

Aus-Steel: Designed to Australian Standards

Aus-Steel will only retail products that are fully engineered and certified by a registered
Australian Engineer
. All buildings from carports, garages, kit shed homes, aussie sheds
and industrial or commercial buildings
have been designed to comply with the Building
Code of Australia. Weather elements are becoming more unpredictable so it is more
important for you to have the security of knowing that your building is suited for your local site.
Aus-Steel provide site specific information for your assurance.

The Aus-Steel Warranty

Discover the security of Aus-Steel and our unique 25 years Written Warranty with
every genuine Aus-Steel product. With our Engineers, we continually test and
evaluating new and existing materials, components and finished products to ensure their
actual performance meets all requirements.

Testing is carried out initially "in house" then again by an independent testing authority to substantiate
the test results. Taking the guesswork out of engineering design, giving you peace of
mind and ensuring that Aus-Steel remains the "Industry Leader" in product development.

Aus-Steel Delivery

Your local Aus-Steel reseller will also arrange speedy, reliable FREE DELIVERY WHERE
Your building is delivered on a crane truck to these areas in a consolidated
format in packs. If you are not in a regular delivery area your reseller will arrange for you to have
your new Aus-Steel product picked up from one of our 23 Factory distribution points around the

Export deliveries can be arranged.