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New Aus-Steel Website Launches!

Posted By - Lachlan Collins
Friday, 8th October 2010

We are excited to launch the all new Aus-Steel website!  The team of Gurus at DIJIGURU have done it again!

With a long standing business relationship with Aus-Steel, Justin Harding business developer and consultant of DIJIGURU MEDIA has put Aus-Steel on the cyberspace map using up-to-date, state of the art technology.

The new Aus-Steel content management system means you can be kept informed of everything current and for the future. From online warranty registrations, reseller logins with intranet to our range of products, the new Aus-Steel website truly delivers. Have a look around our new website.

If you too want the DIJIGURU difference contact the Gurus & see the changes they make to your business...