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Aus-Steel State School Projects

Posted By - Lachlan Collins
Friday, 8th October 2010

For the past 18 months Aus-Steel has been actively involved in developing Heavy Duty Roof Only Sun Shelters for Australian State Schools. To date we successfully have completed 12 projects.

Safe shelters for Schools

These sun shelters are custom designed and built for schools with a high consideration placed on student safety. Danger and risk of injury is completely minimised with no sharp or jagged edges on the structure. The sun shelters are typically 15 metre spans with lengths of up to 36 metres. The typical heights of the shelters are 6 metres. They are built from high quality, fully galvanised zinc alum materials supplied by Bluescope Steel.

Our most recent project in this series is the Dingo State School as pictured below.

The next project to be completed is the Jericho State School.

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