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Aus-Steel National Conference 2010 a Great Hit!

Posted By - Lachlan Collins
Wednesday, 26th May 2010

Aus-Steel held its National 2010 Conference with over 80 delegates and suppliers present, and resellers from around our great country attending this great weekend! The experience was amazing with outstanding attendance; inspiring guest speakers and accolades for awardees, ensuring an exceptionally rewarding experience!

Thank you!

An immense thank you to all for attending and for all those that contributed to our conference. How exciting that we can meet and share and grow and develop by being open to learning from others.


Special thanks to our Aus-Steel National 2010 Conference Guest Speakers:

Jeff Eyb Founding Director of Aus-Steel is inspiring, innovative. He is the ‘real deal’ with a big heart for people, this great South Land and is committed to delivering the best quality product throughout Australia. Jeff dreams, lives and delivers big, truly walking his talk. Unforgettable and a man to know.

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures."

Ian Jackson
an iconic, vibrant figure in the steel industry with knowledge, insights, and decades of experience he was a firm crowd favourite. With his experience, Ian brings wisdom; he aims high and delivers it.

“A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength”

Justin Harding of DIJIGURU MEDIA business consultant and developer blew us away with his up-to-date state of the art expertise and knowledge of technology and information; keeping us abreast of everything current and for the future. His genuine commitment of seeing his business clients grow and succeed shone through. Behind the scenes and on stage, Justin thank you for ensuring Aus-Steel is positioned up there in cyberspace!

Anthony Neate National Account Manager
shared his in depth knowledge marketing, sales and of the industry and economy. His optimism and understanding encouraged us about our hope for the future.

Nathan McDonald dynamic, motivational speaker Action Coach motivates businesses, giving strategies and assisting them to reach goals while training companies to get the most out of the business. Nathan was an awe-inspiring speaker.

Chris Hall of AMI Windows displayed his know how in designs special application windows for the shed industry. His extensive research and development was evident in the design of windows and products to meet current standing BCA coding.

Congratulations to the Aus-Steel Building Systems National Conference 2010 Distributor Awards Ceremony Winners:

The Gala Dinner was an enjoyable, fun celebration with Award winners shining in the light of their success. The positive, exciting atmosphere was tangible. We paid tribute to awardees that each made distinctive contributions to make Aus-steel what it is today.



National Distributor for the year 2009
Aus-Steel Far North Queensland


Best Distributor Display Centre 2009
Aus-Steel Sunshine Coast  

Most Improved Distributor 2009
Aus-Steel Shepparton
Aus-Steel Townsville   

Most Consistent Distributor 2009
Aus-Steel Ipswich
Aus-Steel Sunshine


Encouragement Award for 2009      
Aus-Steel Macksville                                              
Aus-Steel Mackay                                   
Aus-Steel Innisfail                                 
Aus-Steel Moree     

Commercial Sales Award 2009  
Aus-Steel Ipswich  
Sun Safe Sales Award 2009   
Aus-Steel Far Nth Queensland

Best Marketing & Advertising Award  2009     
Aus-Steel Townsville   

Most All Round Distributor  2009   
Aus-Steel Northside

Most Innovative Distributor 2009      
Aus –Steel Brisbane Valley   

Outstanding  Carport  Sales 2009   
Aus-Steel Ipswich 


Rave reviews received about the conference are testament to the positive, great team of people and unity which makes the community of Aus-Steel astounding. All working together on the same team to achieve the same common goals in mind to be successful together. Genuine Aussie people working to achieve business success - and it is working. You have proven is why Aus-Steel has a solid foundation and will continue to grow and go forward.

“Unity commands a blessing.”

The difference is quite simple and that will be our secret that “what is inside” that really counts.

“In union there is strength.”

And that’s why “We’re built stronger to last longer!!!”

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